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Aug. 19th, 2017

First off that is a very cute dog. So I am thinking that I am slower than I was two years ago but I am faster than I was 10 years ago or even twenty years ago but much lower than I was 30 years ago. How I am running is factored buy a lot of different

Noba on the way home

Waiting for Outside Lands to end and then driving South words. Having a bit of boba pretending I am in Taipei.

Standard poodle

The greatest Blog has not been very active but I am currently in Hayes Valley standing by some sort of weird metallic Cube and I just saw a black standard poodle named Leo and I let this person know about the story of Noel which is very important.

A while ago I somehow got a $100 gift card for something.
I am not sure but somehow it expired.

So I contacted the number and it turns out that I have to pay $12.50 to get it reissued and mail in a form.
No e-mail! Blurg!

Anyway, I find an envelope and then put on the two stamps I can find.
Put it in the outgoing mail slot.

A little later the mailman knocks on my door and informs me that I did not put on enough postage.
I asked if he sold postage and he told me that due to union rules, he is not allowed to sell postage stamps.

Imagine a cash strapped business that is turning down business.
maintenance AND reliability AND (CMRP OR "Certified Maintenance and
Reliability Professional" or CTL or "Certified Reliability Leader")
AND ("Mechanical
Engineering" OR "Chemical Engineering" OR "Electrical Engineering") AND SAP
You are going to really enjoy Hong Kong.
It is like Tropical Asian London

Aps to download
Mobile Passport
Google Translate (you can point to a sign in another language and it

Buy an Octopus card once you land
This is probably the best way to get from the airport to downtown. You can
then get a cab from the central station.

Not sure who your cell phone provider but you can either get a SIM Card at
the airport or a mobile WiFi egg (you will need data to get around. Google
Maps works well)


Go here (one of the best meals I ever has (in Taiwan)

Take a culinary tour
You learn quite a bit about the history of Hong Kong

Get a foot massage. (most are legit and fairly inexpensive)
A few thoughts on the first two thirds of my trip

Cathay Pacific
Easily the best experience I have ever had in economy. I did not feel like
the airline had a long grudge against my comfort.

My initial airbnb place in Hong Kong was the equivalent of Pescadaro if
route 1 was closed and you had to take the ferry. It was really humid.
Should have taken my friend in Hong Kongs advice.
Probably the biggest mistake of this trip.

Do not bite into soup dumplings straight away.

Hong Kong = tropical Asian London
Great food and fantastic transit that are both really cheap.

If you are in Hong Kong get an Octopus card.

As I have Sprint, was not able to use a tourist Sim card so got a wifi
The airport is a bit far from the city and they do not have rail. Best
option is the bus or a taxi.

The night market is a cheap delicious series of food dares.

A few thoughts on my trip to Taiwan

First off never judge a country based on the drive from the airport. The
main International Airport in Taipei is a bit of a drive and the area
around the Airport does not represent the country well.
Got to the main station where are my air B&B is.
Met up with some friends at the Night Market and the Taiwanese night
markets are a dream come true for people who like to eat weird foods. They
are many different varieties and flavors of Squid on a stick and other such
a tease. It was both delicious and really inexpensive.
Did the site seeing thing of going to the main Museum comma The Chiang
Kai-shek Memorial and Taipei 101. I was really glad that I had listened to
the podcast about the building of Taipei 101.
The elevator has spoiled me for taking any other elevators because it goes
really fast. Thankfully I did not get sick.

It is late October and it is still really hot in Taipei. Went for a run
twice and it was like running in a sauna. If I'm outside and it's still hot
at night it's too hot for Marcus. I was really happy when my friend from
Korea told me that it was a lot chillier.

31 years ago

Went to the Pg county fair.
For some reason started to document my rather mundane life.

Not a potty expert

Wow, I am a complete and total idiot.
Got the dates wrong for my return flight to San Francisco, I should have
already been home because my flight was yesterday. But thankfully United
was beyond kind and allowed me to get on a flight today without charging me
I also got confused about what airport I was supposed to go to. I honestly
think that my IQ goes down by about 40 points when the temperature goes
above 80 degrees.


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