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Bizzaro World

I got a call from my Brother who told me some news that I found shocking.
He would be taking the bus from New York to Washington. Normally he is way
too Bourgeois for such a mode of transport. I imagined an old creaky bus
stopping in every small town between New York and Washington with an
overnight stay in Chambersburg. (In reality these are much nicer express
coaches, but I like to imagine awful bus trips IE the time I took a bus from
Sacramento to Reno with a bunch of derelicts). Right off the bat, two great
Dustin Hoffman movies end on buses.
Afterwards, I got a voucher that gave me $50 off a $100 purchase at Whole
Foods. Some people, not me, refer to it as whole paycheck. I do not buy
produce (go to the Mexican or Asian Markets) as ginger is $2.99 a pound BUT
their private label items are a good price and do not have high fructose
corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils (they are in line for what Safeway
charges...) So I had to spend $100 to get the $50 back. Anything under, I do
not get the discount, anything over, and the percentage of discount goes
down. I end up buying frozen blueberries, Midas Touch beer (shout out to
Santa Rosa to show me that Delaware makes awesome beer), GT's Kombucha,
noodles, shrimp, cereal, soy milk (it keeps way longer than cow milk) and
licorice. If you are ever tasked with 1) buying me beer go with a proper
Belgium (Chimay not Stella) or locally brewed IPA or any Dog Fish. 2)
Licorice, Australian or Europe, no Twizzlers as that is crap. (No light beer
or twizzlers)
So as my brother was taking a midnight bus to Washington (I have no idea if
it was Midnight, I am trying to make this a Greatest Blog and yes, I know
the time difference does not make sense but neither did The Empire Strikes
Back http://www.nitpickers.com/movies/nitpick.cgi?np=41065) I was at a high
end supermarket buying a 4 pack of beer for $12. (midas touch)
Highly recommend the Midas Touch..

Earlier in the day I donated blood. As I needed to eat something I stopped
off at one of those hall in the wall Vietnamese places. This place was on
Masonic. This place was AWFUL. They did not have shrimp rolls (fair enough)
so I ordered the chicken rice plate which was exactly as I ordered,
microwaved chicken on white rice, no sauce. Even the lighting was bad
(flickering fluorescent). They are plenty of hole in the wall places that
are far better. I did not remember the name of the place. It has to be a
front for something else.


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