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Underestimated the Masses, finished 2nd

For the most part, I am really good at estimating crowds and issues with
parking and such. For example, I do not go see Avatar on opening day as I
like to sit at the end of a row in the movie.
Anyway I thought that the Tuesday between Christmas and New Years would be
an ideal time to visit the Academy of Science. I was very wrong. Most of the
time Tuesday in the park equates to easy parking but it was like the Hippie
Jam Fest.
My friend gave up and I decided to walk back to the Marcusmobile that was
parked near Kezar. I saw the member line was short so I decided to walk in
and WOW, that place was crowded. The displays about global warming were OK
but the rain forest exhibit was like one of those phone booths in the 1950's
where people pack themselves in.

Before I run on Tuesday I hang out at Starbucks across from the Marina
Safeway and do work. My friend Gwen thinks this is strange. But I think that
Starbucks is near a crack in the ground where crazy people come out. One guy
was mumbling to himself about wrapping people in paper mache. Last week
someone was in talking about radio signals.

Ran in the rain and pushed myself for an extra mile which I was happy with.
The book What I Talk about When I Talk about
one of the best running books around...*
*One of the best things about running groups is the schedule to run. I would
have not run in the rain had I not signed up.*
*Pub Quiz was good as we came back from a tough first round and we finished
2nd, losing by 1 point. *


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