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Las Vegas November 2009


For photos of this trip go here

As it was my Sister Andreas birthday and she was going to be in Las Vegas I
decided to hope on one of those aeroplanes and fly in to surprise.
Vegas is a tremendously inefficient city with monorails that go nowhere. It
took me just as long to take the shuttle to my hotel and then the bus to the
strip then it did for me to fly in the Airplane.
(United needs to fly on Virgin, shared TV's do not cut it no more no more...
Another thing, I am a huge 30 rock fan BUT the flu episode was a weird
choice with all the weird people with their H1N1 masks.)
Was staying at the much more, time worn/forgotten, land of broken toys of
Fremont Street. I am not much of a Vegas guy (gambling/screaming out of the
top of Limo's/fancy pants clubs) but I do enjoy the world class people
watching. Those in Vegas on their odd ball conference letting their hair
down and drinking those absurd yard drinks.
The people on the bus amazingly were not interested on my thoughts on
improving Las Vegas's infrastructure.
The city has some of the most amazing architecture in the United States
including the Luxor, the Venetian, Paris etc... but then the roads/public
transit and randomly bad zoning makes it look like garbage.
Met my Sister at the Riveria. Was going to just show up but it was confusing
to find out where she was so I told her via telephone.
We spoke to this woman who lost her ring and she was sad. She told us all
the sad details of her life. I kept on thinking how the Lord of the Rings
movies would have been better with the Beatles.
We walked around the strip and then went to the dinner at the Venetian. We
were the first ones there. I was expecting some hotel conference room dining
with institutional food, which was not the case. Had the Salmon and whiskey
over ice. They did not have those plastic drinks by the yard which would
have been good.

After dinner more walking. I saw a sign for $.99 New Castles. We went to the
bar which was full of strange characters. The bartender called security to
report a "sleeper" so Andrea went to wake the person up. He got up and left
and Andrea started to play on the Mac Hine. She then was given a strip of
paper for $95.55!
Stopped off at the MGM grand to put a $40 wager on the Redskins losing to
the Broncos by more than 4 points.


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