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Questions I would want answered


I saw in the news that they (Scientist) discovered 32 extra-solar planets
which brings the total number to 403, all discovered since 1995 which I
think is amazingly cool.
This got me thinking about questions I would love to have answered in my
lifetime (even if it means putting me in carbon freezing and woken up in

1) Is there life on other planets and do they have British Accents
With the large number of Galaxies/Stars/Planets etc I think it would be
crazy to have Earth be the only planet with life. Imagine if they found a
shrub on Titan.
I do not believe in UFO crashes or alien abductions because if they (aliens)
can get all the way here, I doubt they would crash but I do know people who
made it all the way home and ran over their mailbox.

2) Is time travel possible?
I guess this would make space travel more viable but you open up different
situations involving Lea Thompson. Imagine going back to the 1970's with an
iPhone that somehow had Internet access. Technology will continue to improve
and they may figure out how to make this happen but I am sure it will end up
like Air Travel.

3) Parallel Universes (Multiverse) or what was before the big bang...
Again, my interest in Science Fiction shows but what was going on before the
Big Bang? What is beyond the Universe? I often think about these concepts
how a dog would think of me taking their picture and then remotely putting
it on the Internet.

4) What about a creator
Most people know my thoughts on Religion so I am not going to prattle on but
I know I am in the minority. Throughout history the vast majority of people
(and even today) believe in a God of some type. From a young age I always
thought we could all be created five minutes ago with false memories but if
we encounter any of the first three (Aliens, Time Travelers, Parallel
Universes characters or a combination) would we be able to tell the
difference? Think of the Cargo Cults.


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