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Washington Redskins are awful


If the San Jose Mercury news has an article about the Washington Redskins
and they are not playing 1) in the Superbowl 2) Against the Raiders or
49ers, most likely they are bad. Not bad in a notch below their competition,
but bad like an opponent in a late 1980's Mike Tyson fight.
Right now the owner is applying Dilbert like business ideas (that to be
honest, most of the time do not work in business) to the football game. The
owner saw they had a problem (they are a comically bad team) and figured
that the solution is not improving the caliber of talent, but adding a level
of management to the game calling. They brought in a consultant to call the
plays from a booth. This makes a little more sense than having all of the
fans fitted with video game controllers and having the group think message a
play to the team. They are playing the Eagles, which lost to the Raiders
somehow on Monday. I doubt the Redskins will be playing on Monday night for
a while.
Now this blog, that I admit I have gotten lazy on in the last few days is
not about sports, the NFL or Jerseys.
Most people who know me, know that I am a fan of the Washington Redskins
(but to be fair, my interest has waned since I was in short acid washed
short pants) but they randomly make comments. Not in a talking trash because
the team is so bad, it does not warrant trash talking.
The reason I am reflecting on the Redskins awful season is how it impacts
one of my Brothers (who is a big fan) and my Sister (who is not a fan at
all). My brother will go out of the way to watch the games and I am guessing
unless he is a glutton for punishment (like re-watching Star Wars Episode I)
I think he has more time on Sunday which is how it effects my Sister who
used the time when the Redskins were playing to enjoy an "I am Legend" scene
when everything is not so crowded. As fans give up on the awful team they
venture out and the roads are no longer a ghost town.
After this Sunday, kickball will be done till April and I will need to find
something else as I do not think watching the NFL will be an option.
I am considering going to the Washington Redskins/Oakland Raiders game in
Oakland (I will be wearing a black shirt as I do not want hassle from the
fans). At that point, I think the Redskins will be allowing random fans to
call the plays, coach or even play. I am aiming for a ticket costing less
than a UFL ticket on the 50 yard line.
One of the things about being a fan of a team compared to an individual
athlete is that in boxing a career has a beginning and an end. They may
retire at the right time (Marvin Hagler/Lennox Lewis) or stay on too long
(Ali, Holyfield, Leonard, Duran, Hearns) but it ends and then you can watch
Foreman Moorer but a team is different. It is an ongoing ordeal. My favorite
team was the Redskins under Joe Gibbs I. It also had to do with my age (in
short pants) but you are not really allowed to switch teams.

On another note, one of my friends from Kickball/Trivia has started a blog
so I figured I would give him a link


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