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Long Run


If I was going to slack off on a run, this was not the one for that as it
was dedicated to my Mom.
It was also my teams turn to bring the food so I made brownies. I also left
the oven on overnight which is not that bright of a movie.

Made my way to the Sports Basement and said the following,

"Last year I was running the Nike (Half) Marathon in honor of my Mom who had
just completed a round of radiation for Lymphoma and was in remission. This
year I am running in her memory. That one word makes a big difference. She
was diagnosed with Lymphoma for the first time in 2003 and was cured through
chemotherapy. I believe that the work of the Leukemia and Lymphoma society
gave me some extra time with my Mom and my family and I are thankful. Near
the end of her life, while in a rehabilitation facility, she told my sister
that when she got better and left, she wanted to return to the facility to
get a job. My sister asked if my Mom wanted to be a nurse, to which my Mom
said, no, I want to act as a counselor and listen to their problems. Even at
a point where she was not doing well, she still was concerned for others and
wanted to help. I miss my Mom and I am thankful for the additional time that
we had."

Everyone was given a photo with Mom & Cosmo to pin to their running jersey.
As I saw people from the earlier groups (and the later groups) I saw that
picture where Cosmo is wearing a tie sitting next to Mom.

Then it was off to run from the sports Basement to AT&T park (The Willie
Mayes Statue). It was my favorite course as it is mostly flat and scenic. My
legs felt great and I had good endurance. It was one of my most inspired
runs to say the least. Finished strong with one of the coaches.


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