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New York

It was Saturday in New York and the weather was perfect. I wonder how my
opinion would have been impacted if it was too hot or too cold.
After getting bagels (we were in New York) Andrea, Jeff, Sawra and I started
a death march from Murry Hill to the Village but we brought Vitamin Water.
We were taken to Madison Square Park where none of the dogs were cute and it
reminded us of that terribly sad Story, Go Dog Go.

Went to the Strand which is the same as Green Apple books.

One thing people do not know about me is that I am an ordained minister so I
can perform wedding ceremonies. That should come into play when we go to

Andrea discovered a Dog Adoption thing that had a pig from the North Shore
Animal League. There was a Pointer puppy mix that could have caused a
logistical issue.

Walked along the water and we listened to really good public speakers.

Had a slice of pizza where they had autographs on the wall, I then noticed
that they all were duplicates.

Went back and ended up at Curry Hill for a place called "Curry in a Hurry"
where two could eat for $10. I like discoveries like that. Ended up there
because of a Yelp recommendation for a Belgium beer joint that turned out to
be an RWP french place.

New York is a great city but people enjoy honking their horns and no one is
punished (it says that it is illegal) so I purchased earplugs from the brand
new CVS (where they gave me free iced tea...). No one ever knows where ear
plugs are in the store.


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