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New York and New Jersey

For the first time since that less than successful trip in 1997, I returned
to the Big Apple, New York for an inspection. I have already gone on about
the brilliant practical joke so as this is a long entry I am not going to
repeat myself because I am sure I will repeat myself over pub quiz, over
kickball etc..

While walking towards Penn Station I saw the Empire State Building and
remembered that someone pretty close to me worked there a number of years
ago. I kind of wished that I had a time Mac Hine to drop in and visit but
then I remembered that it would take too long to explain who I am.

So I will start with my trip to New Jersey. I had gone to New Jersey shore
in the early 1990’s. I am not quite sure why you would care. The day started
with a train ride to the Newark station to visit a bank someone who expected
me to be taller. Then took some other random Newark only station where I
befriended a little kid with his Grandma. While walking round the station I
must have gotten frustrated or annoyed as the kid asked me when I saw him on
the train platform, are you the guy who said “arrrgh!!”.

Of greater interest was my field trip to Milburn where I met Gwen at the
Milburn Deli where I was only able to eat half of the sandwich (it was of
course Sandwich Friday!).

I liked the sandwich but I failed to order cheese. If you want the rest of
the sandwich go to Gwen and Brian’s house..

Gwen & Brian live in a nice place that has a table from the NYC library.
Their rumpus room is as large as my apartment and of course they have a
Frank Chu sign (I think that belongs in every home!)

Made my way back to the city on the train and met up with Andrea and Jeff.
Andrea and I walked towards the Momo. We saw this long queues for a street
vendors selling some sort of middle eastern food.

We had dinner at a place called China Grill. Does anybody like those
bathroom attendants? I was a bit annoyed but I could not imagine that would
be a job anyone would aspire to.


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