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Homeless (no, not really...)

I hate shopping carts. I do not hate shopping carts when I am in the process
of shopping or bring whatever I am buying from the store to the parking lot
but beyond those areas, I do not like seeing shopping carts.
Was having my apartment cleaned (that is so well worth it because I cannot
get it really clean....) so I had to split so I decided to walk to the gym
where I came across a Target shopping cart. (note to the world, say Tar Jee
was funny but no more..). I knew that if I did not move it, the shopping
cart would be in the same spot for months and each time I walk by, I would
be annoyed each time so I took the advice, "be the change you want to see in
the world..." and decided to move the shopping cart. I had on my shoulder a
towel and I was wearing a sweat suit so I looked like a mover and shaker.
Got to the corner of Serramonte and Hickey and realized I simply could not
put the cart in the Bank of America parking lot because the wind could push
it into another car. So I had to go down the road to the Target pushing a
shopping cart with a towel over my shoulder looking like Arther Dent after
the council knocked his house down.
A bus drives by and I could see all of the riders looking at me wondering
how I hit such dire straits. Sadly no one gave me any money. Maybe I need a
witty sign.


Marcus Ronaldi

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