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*http://tinyurl.com/l2qy2h* <http://tinyurl.com/l2qy2h>

Whenever I have to wake up earlier than normal plus when I have a longer
than usual race, having stress or anxiety dreams is not uncommon.
The dream that I had last night involved me taking the ACT test (I have no
idea what it was or why I was taking it) and there was a portion where I had
to tell what various Morse code symbols stood for. The guy given the test,
who knew me, was given me answers but I had no clue if they were right.
After the test people I knew were busting my chops for 1) doing really bad
2) cheating.

Woke up at 4 AM. I was running the second half of the Marathon which is kind
of stupid because you have to get to the city in time for the start of the
first half to get the bus to the second half marathon start.
I thought of trying to run the first half or just running 13 miles but
figured I wanted the medal and the Fuji apples from CNN and perhaps a
Left the Elmo I found outside of the car as part of an experiment.

Was not a fan of the bus as I was getting a bit motion sickness especially
when someone mentioned it. Power of suggestion was in effect!!
Met a mother and daughter who both have a condition and they were both doing
the second half. The Mom was going in for surgery. Put my ankle in

The shuttles get you to the start really early. Had around an hour and a
half to kill so I walked to 36th and Balboa to chill out at a coffee shop
and used their facilities. One thing that makes me really happy is figuring
a way around a system. The queues for the porta potties were really long but
for the price of a cup of coffee this was by passed and I was able to read
the movie reviews. The name of the coffee shop is Simple Pleasures

So I ran the half marathon and right now I will admit that I am not at the
top of my running game but that is part of it. You will have highs and lows.
Cardio wise I was fun but my ankle kept on stiffening up so I need to do
some exercises to focus on my ankle. Was happy that I 1) finished 2) did not
hurt myself further.

In the mission the spectators were giving out large bags of watermelon. Only
ate half. Still a cool thing to give out.

Finished the race and I am not sure of my time but in the scheme of things,
I doubt I will be scaring any competitive runners in the near future.
Somehow ended up with more goos than when I started.

Went to the San Francisco Marathon training group tent and made myself a
chocolate banana peanut butter thing.

CNN had some setup and they were announcing they were giving away Fuji
apples which is OK in my book but it was red delicious which is not my
favorite. They were also taking Polaroids. I am guessing that this will be
one of the final Polaroids taken of me.

Ran into Team Asha and told them about my cat that their charity inspired
and they wanted a donation.


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