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So the origin of me going to this deli starts in the late 1970's when I was
a contestant on a kid's game show.
To make a long story short, I screwed up (did not identify a Robin) and ever
since then I wanted to go on a game show and redeem myself.
Its 2009 and I am planning on going to New York city. I check the Who Wants
to be a millionaire website and see they are having auditions so I change my
A couple of days before my flight my cat (Sasha) is not doing well. Would go
into the details but it is not relevant. Just remember, Sasha not feeling
well. So I take her to the vet and they give me loads of medication that I
need to give twice a day. It would be hard to get someone else to give her
the medication and I would be a stress ball so I decided to postpone my
Now besides seeing friends and family and redeeming myself on Millionaire,
my main motivation for going to New York was 1) slices of Pizza 2) Deli
Sandwiches. So I turned to my Facebook friends for ideas on Sandwiches. They
recommended Miller's East Coast Deli.
I order a Ruben with Swiss on rye. On accident they build a second sandwich
which they give to me for free. O happy day!
In addition I deliver quite a bit of food to a friend of mine with a jacked
up ankle and a cute dog.
I eat the first sandwich outside of the Marcusmobile, in fact I ate the
first half and I was full. I ate the second half of the first sandwich later
that day.
Now, I normally do not recommend using your car as a storage device but I
left the second sandwich in my car overnight. I am sure it is a recipe for
food poisoning but it was fairly cool.
Saturday morning I ran eight miles as part of a training group, was rather
hungry on the way back and remembered, hey you have a sandwich in the car
from yesterday, your bonus sandwich!!
So upon my return I got the day old sandwich from my car and ate it on the
couch in the Sports Basement (kudos to sports basement)
It was really good.
(On a side note, Sasha my cat is doing better, will see when I can try out
for who wants to be a Millionaire.)


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