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Wireless fun!!


Last weekend I went to Maryland and will provide some of the wackiness that

There is some fun with the lightbulbs as they need to be unscrewed rather
than using the switch.

On the way to Heritage Harbor we brought Cosmo and Stelly. They were a big
hit among the residents but Cosmo was acting the fool. Stelly who was less
interested in stuff falling on the floor was very good and earned her way
onto the plate.
On the way back in the rental car a couple of trash cans fell out of the
back of a pick up truck but luckily I was paying attention and Cosmo was
not. He would not be so into the trash cans barreling towards us.

The weather in Maryland was perfect on Sunday. The best months for weather
is April and October.

A celebration was had. What a difference a year makes.

I noticed I could not find the keys to the rental car and figured that
Jeffereson Airplane Jr had them and I was right so he had to come back to
the compound.

Andrea drove to Annapolis for her to get the laptop as she is getting FIOS.
Our first stop was Sears in Annapolis which was kind of dingy and boots.
They had some sort of display of stuffed farm animals but it was dirty. Plus
they had no laptops. The guy then tried to sell us a TV.

We saw Jeff wandering around Annapolis Mall which was like Jeff and Landover
in the 1980's. Then the tree of us went to 1) Best Buy 2) Staples 3)
Safeway. Ended up buying the laptop at Bestbuy.

The guy at Staples told us way too much information on his ailments.

The next morning we drove to the Harbor and we stopped off at this Deli with
wireless access. Not to go into details but I said, "Andrea!, Is this the
sandwich I ordered?" as I had the sandwich half eaten.

Did some stand up for an audience.


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