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A Cancel your cable shopping guide


Cable TV is too damn expensive. For the amount of TV that I watch, it is not
worth what I am paying. Getting hundreds of stations means nothing if you
rarely watch. This setup is saving me around $640 per year as I already had
most of the items.
For years I have wanted to cancel my cable.
Hulu comes along but I did not want to watch the Simpsons while sitting at
my desk. Then Netflix was offering instant streaming but once again who
wants to watch Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie at my desk.
Then I saw that you could stream Netflix content from your TV via your XBox
360 with XBox Live.
This was fine for movies but I wanted to stream from Hulu. One of my
Facebook contacts told me about PlayOn Media services. So there went the
final reason to pay $50/month for cable and $10/month for a DVR.

Here is a cancel your cable tv shopping list. Many of the things you may
already have. Plus I showed how you can pay a little less.

A PC (I am not sure if you are able to do the Netflix thing on a Mac. Let me
know if you can)
A wireless router (I used a Linksys) (I got a $10/off coupon for Radio Shack
from the Entertainment Book)
An XBox 360 with a hard drive (I am not sure if the Netflix thing works on a
A cat 5 cable. (You could buy a wireless adapter but this is cheaper and
works better, but another cable)
A Netflix account ($10/month)
An XBox Live Account (You can get this cheaper at Costco)
Download PlayOn Digital Media Server (Which has a free 14 day trial and then
it is $40). I downloaded it and once I figured it out, it worked really

So I called to cancel my cable TV service but I am keeping the Internet and
Phone. It turns out it is cheaper (with comcast) to have the basic, basic
cable as part of a bundle with the phone and Internet. So even if I wanted
to watch a game that was on the network I could.

This setup works well if you are somewhat technically savvy and you are not
really big on watching sports (ESPN etc...)

My Comcast Bill was $150 per month, know it will be $83 so taking into
account the cost of the Netflix account and XBox Live (totaling $13/month) I
will be saving $54 per month or $650 per year.


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