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The last couple of days have been really windy around San Francisco/Daly
City. Too bad I got the kite as that is a good way to stop the wind. Went
for a four mile run into the wind (well halfway into the wind).
Went to the shopping center in San Bruno and took out all the Taco Bell
coupons from the Entertainment book and gave them to the diners. Not a
really big fast food person and figured that would make their day and
perhaps cement their friendship/relationship. They would look back and say,
who was that dashing stranger who gave us all of those buy one get one free
coupon. Perhaps they were having a bad day and they were doubting humanity
and I strolled in and made things OK. Or they were thinking, I am going to
make healthy strong choices. Push away from these various combinations of
cheese and tortilla to eat true whole foods, join a CSA, better yet move
from city boy to country man. Then I come along and they dash those dreams
like an aisle full of 90% Easter Candy to someone giving up chocolate.
(On another note, my whole no processed refined sugar thing ends on Easter
but it was far easier than I expected and unless its something good ie Bread
Pudding from Cajun Pacific I am going to pass but will start drinking coffee
without sugar or honey again but more tea....)
When I go to New York,
Speaking of leaving Coffee for tea, seems it is a trend.
Then went into Mollie Stones which is an a weird position in the Supermarket
segment but they did have $.59 cent bananas which is fairly cheap. Also got
some smoked almonds. If you are coming to meet me bring me a banana, a tin
of sardines and some almonds and maybe a Chinese Jelly Drink. Then say, this
should sort you out Governor!
Went to the Academy of Science where I got seperated from my crew which is
not a big deal but I think I was supposed to give someone a ride and I did
not have my cell phone. Spent the night walking around and taking pictures
for some randoms. Bought a drink for a woman whose birthday it was but then
gave it to the wrong one which made it less smooth.


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