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Stop Hating on the White Album


Twice in the last week I have heard two separate incidents of hating on the
Beatles White Album.
Not their greatest work, it would probably fall behind Sgt Peppers, Abbey
Road, Revolver and Rubber Soul BUT if those discs were recorded by any other
two bands they would be given way more credit. In fact I would place the
White Album above any work by the Rolling Stones except for Exile on Main

Went for a run along Ocean Beach and as expected the week after a blood
donation not the best running. Will also be swapping out my fred containers.

The Academy of Science was sold out so I decided to go to 1) The Urban
Diversion Happy Hour (Did not Drink) and 2) A fundraiser for Girls on the
Run. I planned on parking in a free spot that was accesable to both places
but I misjudged where my second stop was which was about a mile and a half

Tomorrow is the Snuggie Pub Crawl and one of the people at the Urban
Diversion pub crawl lamented not being able to get a Snuggie. I took $20
from her, walked across the street and got the Snuggie from Walgreens.

Then made the trek to North Beach for the fundraiser where I won a size
small woman's T Shirt which I re-gifted. They had loads of cupcakes. It has
been fairly easy giving up processed/refined sugar. I find that I am less
irritable/grouchy but this was the first time I had felt tempted since the
start but like the drinking hiatus, if I poked holes it would become silly.
One cupcake drives the desire for a second. My nametag said Cosmo which
meant I would not like recycle bins tossed into the woods.

On the way back to the Marcusmobile I walked over Russian Hill. I passed, a
place that served slices of pizza and another place that makes homemade ice
cream and I passed both but then I saw not one but two grey standard

Stopped off at the Black Horse which does not have any television sets.


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