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Power Cord Madness


Yesterday it was rainy, I went to Costco and Best Buy, got stuck on a train,
had my worst experience ever with eBay, left my power cord at a Night Club,
and really did not do well at the Pub Quiz but it was a great great day.
First off I had to get a PC quickly as I started a new project and it
required a PC environment. My first plan was to get Windows Vista on eBay
and use Parallel Windows but the guy sold me an upgrade.
So I decided to get a low end PC laptop, with Wireless which took me first
to Costco and I called Best Buy that had a better deal.

Took the train into town for Lay Off Camp so I could network and find me
some great candidates and some other good connections.

They had these sessions where people could talk about their area of
expertise. So on a whim I volunteered to talk about getting your resume

I was expecting about fifteen to twenty, maybe but the room was PACKED and I
think I did a good job (the feedback was really positive)

Was doing some work in the desolate and sad ghost town of the Metreon when I
noticed that after only five hours, I lost the power cord. All he heard was
Radio Ga Ga.
So I had to go back to the event and beg my way into the lower level of the
venue and luckily it was waiting for me. I was planning on pretending it did
not have a cord ; ) Turned out well that I returned.

On another note, I am pleased with the no processed/refined sugar. I am much
more relaxed, less jittery and I do not miss it. Slowly putting it in the
same category as cigarettes, soda etc...

Was on the BART and there was some nonsense on the train but it was OK. Made
my way to the pub quiz but it was not our finest hour. The Music round was
not my genre.


Marcus Ronaldi

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