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On not drinking

It is not March 1st which is the end of my annual hiatus from the sauce. For
the past four years I have taken around two months off from drinking and it
has become easier. I have also noticed quite a few people who have taken a
Except for anything related to "Strong Beer Month" I did not like feel like
I was missing out. The hardest bit came when I arrived early for something
and had time to kill before whatever starts. (and it was later so I did not
want to drink coffee).

Thought of a few advantages of not drinking. They are not in any order.
1) Money
Drinking is an expensive habit. I remember one time I went to a dollar beer
promotion with my friend Gwen. For the first hour, beers were a dollar and
then it raised to $2 and then $3. Afterwards we went for thai food which was
OK. Turned out we both spent around $60. I did the math and if I did that
twice a week for a year, that is around $6000.
The last few years I have made it a point to avoid being on a tab and
getting my drinks at a bar. Last year some of my work people went to a place
near toiling. I had one vodka tonic on special while quite a few others were
a bit more celebratory. The next day they each spent around $150. "Let's do
shots!" is a good way to be broke.
2) Hangovers
I am going to breakdown health impacts into immediate, accidents and long
term. Hangovers suck. Dry mouth, headache, stomach ache, bad sleep. Every
drinker, myself included, have a whole list of hangover remedies. One of my
favorite is drinking water between each drink. They also sell a bunch of
hangover remedies but none beat the amazingly most effective and cheapest,
not drinking.
3) Long term health issues
My car is a 1997 Nissan Sentra that I bought the second day in California.
If you treat a car well then it will reward you with preventing another trip
to the dealer. It has lasted longer than I could have ever hoped for. That
is because I make sure I change the oil and maintain the car. A friend of
mine said, that a new car would make you happy for about six months but then
it would no longer be the new car.
The same goes for taking care of yourself and heavy drinking on a regular
basis is a good way to age quickly and have a host of health issues.
4) Accidents
When you drink, the chance of you becoming familiar with a pole or a tree
goes way up. The same goes for falls, trips and shouting nonsense.
5) Nutrition
Not only is beer loads and loads of calories but I find that when I drink, I
make really poor food choices right afterwards. There is a worldwide economy
of late night kabob, pizza, fish & chips, Fast food drive through (Taco
Bell's fourth meal) Dennys targeted at feeding drunks.
Also the next day I crave foods like Pizza and such.

So if someone would have come to me and said, I can tell you something
simple that will save you a tremendous amount of money, makes you feel
better, lowers your chance of running into a tree and improves your health I
would say sign me up!
I personally do better with a well defined rule than a vague goal. Based on
my success with this, I have decided to give up processed/refined sugar and
coffee for the next forty days (partaking in Lent which is odd). I am now
six days in and its been easy.


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