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Ultramind Solution and changes to Nutrition


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For the second Sunday in a row, the Bay Area is getting some much needed
Rain. I said in the past that I would not mind if the weather was always 74
and Sunny but after a super nice January, I was thinking it would be killing
the Strawberries and such.
I am glad that it was perfect weather for my run at Baker Beach which had
quite a few hills and such. I like being a pacer because it makes the
running more than about myself. I remember in the early part of 2007 when
running a mile without stopping was not a foregone conclusion.
I remember Bay to Breakers in 2001 and how sore and stiff I was after
finishing the race. (I am still very sore after Half Marathons which for now
is the upper limit of what I am going to run).
Want to get more disciplined on nutrition and reducing the amount of sugar
intake. I have been good at reducing alcohol, which I think has been
Right now reading the Ultramind Solution which goes on about how many health
issues are not a deficiency in things like Xanax and such but related to
nutrition. In the past year I have made an effort to avoid when possible
high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. Reducing the intake of
refined sugar would have a positive impact.
Also interested in juice fasts but want to see how that impacts running.
Another thing is that I have foregone my pre-run Advil which probably had
some sort of placebo effect.
Here are a couple things I am going to try this week
Replace coffee with tea
Eliminate processed and refined sugar until next Saturday.
Continue to avoid high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils.
More leafy vegetables with Olive oil, curry, garlic, ginger and rooster
More carrot/ginger/apple juice mixed with sparkling water.

Nutrition is the only part of the equation to adjust as I am running quite a
bit and hitting the gym about three times per week. Running, which I enjoy
would be better if I made these changes.

I would not like to position it as a diet because honestly denying yourself
certain things for a finite amount of time only to allow it is a recipe for
failure. These are ongoing changes to be healthier in the near and distant

Even after my no drinking in January and February ends a week from Sunday,
honestly I should still reduce the amount and frequency of drinking. It is
an expensive habit that has a detrimental impact on how I feel.

Right now I give advice on running, resumes/job searches and I want to add
optimal nutrition but first I need to follow my own advice and do what I
know will work.


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