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Kaiser Half...


Remember when I wrote out about how to prepare for a race? Getting all your
stuff together? That nonsense..
Anyway I got to bed early last night and I kept on dreaming of getting to
the airport for a trip to Australia but transport to the airport was a
Drove the Prius (which is an important detail) to the city the Kaiser half
Marathon. When I got to the parking spot, I discovered that my number, was
actually in the other car! I did not have enough time to drive back so I
thought about running it sans number and then bailing at the end but then I
would be like Chewbacca and would not get a medal.
Walked through a cold dark Golden Gate Park to the start of the race and it
was real easy to get it resolved.
When I run a large chip timed race, I like to catch up to people rather than
to be passed so I start near the back.
Ran into many of the people that I knew running the race.
The biggest challenge came about two miles in when my iPod froze up and I
had to run sans music. Made me think of Luke Skywalker turning off the X
Wings computer during a New Hope. So I am not posting my Nike + graph...
But I did run and did finish my seventh half marathon since November 2007.
We did not get a medal at the end of the race. I am going to be giving all
of my metals from five of my half marathons (one was a pendent that my Mom
has) to

After the race one of the members from my training group had some people
over. I did not want to arrive empty opposite of freded so I bought some
brownies from Safeway. They were having a special that if you bought $25
worth of Groceries, you would get a free pizza. The people in front of me
did not want their pizza so I asked if I could have it so the cashier gave
me the Pizza. Then the people behind me did not want their Pizza so I rolled
into both shindigs with pizza.
The hosts scored MANY points by allowing me to take a shower at their place
as I imagined post half marathon smell is not on Cosmo's top ten smells for
men. (I am not talking about Cosmo the dog but rather the magazine)
A very tired Marcus went to a Superbowl party and watched the first half and
thought about what movies he would be watching.


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