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A 10 mile run sans iPod


Honestly when it comes down to finding someone to blame, I have no one but myself to blame.

On a side note, and before I forget, one of my favorite things about the iPod is discovering music that I may have loaded and never found.
One is an artist I never heard of called Famous L. Renfroe.
and a song called Slave, by Elton John on Honkey Chateau.

OK back to the main subject which is I showed up to the Long Run and I discovered that I had not charged my iPod. I would have to run ten miles with only my thoughts to distract me.
Part of me considered skipping the run but it was a perfect weather day. (its mid January and the weather is better than Summer)

So I decided to release expectation and simply run without connection to speed or distance. Normally I do not like running over the Golden Gate Bridge but I got the "runners high" on my run back over the bridge.
Some of the things I thought about included how I am now the same age as George Foreman when he was an ancient boxer set on winning the heavyweight title of the world. Not only did he come back as a great fighter but he had reinvented himself from a surly bully to a friendly giant (who could still knock you out). I also thought of the coming transition of power and how Obama's speech is the most pivotal one for a down trodden nation. Briefly considered going to it but felt that I could simply get wet socks and then find a crowded freezer. I may go to the Civic Center to watch the ceremony OR it may be on television. I have found him to be the best speaker I remember.

I met someone with a dog who did not have a name and I suggested Sully based on that pilot who landed that plane. So if you ever need a dog named let me know.

After the run we all headed over to fleet feet where psoas were doing massages. I had them work on my calves which have been a bit tight as of late. It was the hardest massage I ever had. With all of the running I am doing, I should consider working that into the process.

Again it was a perfect mid-January sunday. A bunch of us from the Marathon training program were in the back of the Chestnut Street Fleet Feet. Brett was making bagels on a grill. I did not know you could do that.

On another note, the Arizona Cardinals are going to the super bowl. A black man is being sworn in as President. Three of the four heavyweight champions are white. We are in the Twilight zone ; )

Had my Sunday conference call

Later in the evening went to a networking party where they had Tandori Paneer. Was not aware you could do that.


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