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Seeing the NFL live is an inferior experience


I have seen quite a few news stories about how the Minnesota Vikings had an
issue selling out their playoff game (which they lost). Failure to sell out,
means that the game is not shown on local TV. Based on the total cost of
going to an NFL game between the tickets, parking, food and drink I am
amazed that they sell out at all because watching the games at home (or at a
bar) is a far better experience. Give me Kezar over Candlestick anytime.

Last year the average NFL playoff ticket was $121. So lets round down to
$100. If you were taking a date, it would cost close to $300 for something
you could watch far better at home. Two parents taking their two kids would
be close to $500. Your team advances and has home field advantage?

Watching the game live, I am always wondering what is going on. Plus add the
crowd, the elements and the thugs watching at home beats it.

The NFL (and the other major sports) really need to be really careful as
they are an indulgent luxury and their place in the circus can easily be

Next season I can see an issue with the NFL selling out which will lead to
more black outs which will lead to lower interest and ad revenue. If a game
is blacked out in a local market the NFL typically does not show another
game in its place.

I used to be really into boxing in the late 1980's and 1990's but I lost
interest due to the lower quality match ups on the pay per view card.

Look at this article about the Tyson Ruddock fight from 1991


Besides a matchup of two of the top heavyweights, each of the other two
fights were worth turning on the PPV card.

Then they started watering down the undercard and then they were bad
decisions (such as Holyfield Lewis I) and way too many governing bodies.
When they are four heavyweight champions and I could not pick one out of a
line up then there is an issue. (OK, the 7 foot tall Russian but I could not
name him)

So the connection between the expense and the experience of the NFL and me
(and many others) losing interest in boxing is they both did not see the
damage of short term gains on long term interest.


Marcus Ronaldi

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