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Somehow the Snapple Winner was not aware of the Willie Wonka Movies.


(for more stuff click on link above...)

The big event of the day was a hike in the Muir Woods with Urban Diversion.
The map below shows where we hiked.

The first exciting thing that happened was a couple locked their dog in
their Outback. They asked if I had a coat hanger. I have lots of junk in the
trunk including a bag with some random books and coat hangers. The books
came from a book swap and I will probably be donating as they will not be
part of the 52 books I will read in 2009.

We hiked to Stinson Beach. I went to the market (which was pretty pricey)
for cheese and turkey while everyone was eating in a place that seemed well,
they put the pepper on if you know what I mean.

Anyway we were all discussing what happened on New Years and it turns out
one of the hikers won a nationwide contest for Snapple drinkers. The whole
thing sounded a bit like the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
The odd thing, this person never saw the movie and had no idea what I was on
about. The waitress with the pepper thought I thought she looked like an
oomba loompa.

So if you have never seen the movie or the Oomba loompa here it is.

The bit where the kid got sucked up the tube in the first movie was really
scary when I was a kid.

I did see a Standard Poodle so it was a good day.

It was a challenging hike back up. I am glad I have been running and such.

Later in the day I gave the book away from earlier. So if the people had not
locked the keys in the car I would have never known the Parable of the
Skilled Physician and his Sick Children and then passed it on.



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