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Over Christmas....


First off the pictures from the last few days


So one thing I am not a big fan of Mobile Me is if you are 1) away from your
Mac or 2) not an iPod user then it is hard to update remotely (free
product/service advice for Apple)

I am not going to go into a step by step detail about the last few days
because it would be as fun as watching the second half of the Redskins
I am SO glad that Santa did not bring me Redskins/49ers tickets. For some
strange reason I had this idea in my head to go to the game which would have
ended not so well.

My grand plan for flying to the Washington area on Christmas day was an
empty plane/airport. I imagined a leisure stroll down to the South San
Francisco BART station and then an empty airport. Luckily I checked the BART
schedule and public transit was not starting till 9:00 AM (my flight took
off at 9:45 and that cuts it way too close). I HATE taking cabs. The meters
and driving with a stranger I no like. As soon as I step out of my warm
apartment (this is a LIE) the rain starts pouring down like a Taylor Dayne
video. Then all of a sudden a big tree cracks and falls down.

The plane is PACKED. I am sitting in the last row and I am seated next to
some random. I tried to talk him into simply not going...

When I spoke to my sister Andrea, she mentioned how the roads were empty in
Waldorf but once I got into the rental car the roads were full due to the
demographics of Four Christmases.

The Texas crowd beat me to the Churchton compound. Andrea made a pizza out
of the random items available.

Our family moved everything over a couple of days. To be honest I have no
idea why more people do not do this. If you have boxing day as Christmas Eve
and December 27th as Christmas (which is what we did)

Went to a Trader Joes in Annapolis and I asked about their beer and wine
selection. For whatever random reason they are not allowed to sell beer and
wine. If you are the governor of Maryland, this is silly and please stop.

When I travel to Maryland I do not want to check bags and I want to be light
as I normally walk a mile and a half from the BART station. I was given a
birthday present that was heavy and I was thinking of having to lug it but
luckily it was something that was enjoyed at the compound

(if you ever need to get me a gift, you CANNOT go wrong with

My non drinking thing starts in a few days. (January 1st to March 15th, did
not plan on PSU being in the Rose bowl)

They are quite a few physicist that believe in parallel universes. I am glad
I am living in the one that has me not going to the Redskins 49ers game.
(but then again, the Redskins could have won or they could have ended ROTJ
with Lando being blown up with the second death star)

My brother Jeff used some of the same material from my last trip.

Stelly is a good dog but screwed up. We all remember when Cosmo screwed up
on Christmas!

Cosmo, the German Shorthaired Pointer is a reliable alarm clock. He is not a
super model that "forgets to eat". He may trick you into eating twice.

This morning we had blue crabs for b r e a k f a s t. Too bad we did not
have national bohemian <http://www.nationalbohemian.com/> and watching the
Orioles lose 6 out of 10 games.

Am glad that I had Satellite Radio in the rental car because well, normal
radio is boots.

When I checked into my flight, it showed that I had a middle seat. Luckily I
was able to convince the nice lady how me sitting in the middle is well not
an ideal experience. She earned an award for random of the day.

(this was in no meant to be a complete coverage of the last few days...)


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