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Christmas Eve...

For the full experience go to

It was the night before Christmas and another twenty

Before I get started with my rambling, here is a way to search my blog.

Simply type in something, like Standard Poodle and every mention of a
standard poodle will show up. You could type in your name as well.

Based on my recent discovery that I love to travel on light travel days and
since I am using United Miles for my trip (and I am dealing with blackout
dates) I will be flying from SFO to IAD tomorrow (Christmas Day). I am far
happier when I am not cramped onto a plane. So for the first time I am in
California for Christmas Eve. If you are English and you enjoy the song, I
am the Walrus, you would try to get your tan standing in the Bay Area rain.

Went to the 24 Hour Fitness as it is the day after Festivus and I need to
train for next years feats of strength.

Urban Diversion was supposed to have a pot luck but that turned into dinner
near the clubhouse. Quite a few people are going to Mexico or Tahoe.

At dinner we discussed various experiences with online dating as a woman at
dinner met her new Gentlemen caller from e-Harmony. The way she described
the website, it seemed like quite a bit of rigmarole

(On a side note, here is a discussion on the word


San Francisco is a ghost town but I have not seen any ghosts. Most of the
wharf was closed/shutting down.

On my way back to the Marcusmobile, I found a $20 and then someones credit
card. I called the credit card company and they told me to shred the card
rather than mail it in.

Checked out the Discover website and was disappointed with what is the 5%
bonus cash for the first quarter (airfare/rental cars and hotels) I like it
better when it is gas or groceries. Perhaps they will see this entry and
simply extend 5% back on gas and groceries for the year to me.


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