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Learning something new...


Here is a question, if the power goes out when the electric oven is on, will
the electric oven be on when the power comes back on?
This is the situation that I faced when I was making my dinner
(Garlic/Spinach Pizza) and the power went out in Daly City.
Tried to call Home Depot but that was a hopeless cause.

Did not want to leave if the power would come back on and then turn the oven
So I went into the fuse box and made it so nothing would come back on when
the power came on.

I talked to a friend of mine with a cool beagle and then turned to the
Then it kind of made sense that 1) for safety reasons it would not turn on
2) the oven has no memory and would not remember what it was supposed to be

So to answer the question about the stove, it does turn off if the power
goes off.

Another question came at 24 Hour Fitness in Daly City. Every day people work
out on the various mac hines w/o towels. I complain, nothing happens so I
have chosen to let it go.
Anyway after working out I went into the steam room. As I question the
cleanliness of this room I stand up. One of the other patrons asked if I
would remove my fred containers. This is not a posted rule. My question is,
am I supposed to remove my fred containers?

I was not done learning new things. I may have mentioned that it was cold.
Not cold in a Minnesota or even a Maryland sense but for the Bay Area, cold!
I was wearing 1) gloves 2) my bright yellow jacket 3) My Green Lantern
Sweetshirt 4) Long pants for my run. Turned out after a mile I was warm, 1.5
miles I was hot and ended up taking off the gloves and the hood. Earlier in
the evening I won a trivia contest by correctly identifying the first person
to run a mile in under 4:00 (submit your answer w/o looking it up). I ended
up giving the arm warmers to one of the other runs as it was something that
I would probably not use or lose or look silly wearing.

Went to the Bitter End but could not find anyone from the team from last
week but figured today had enough questions and answers.

Finally check out the video above. I heard it on Sirius XM 26 Blog Radio.


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