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Out of witty blog titles...

Drove down to the South San Francisco BART station and I had to park on the
Ranch Opposite of Fred. One of the industries that are whining is the
magazine industry. I subscribe to Esquire and the User Interface of a
magazine is horrible with a comical amount of ads, especially the ones that
make you turn to that page. The magazine that is the worst is GQ as it is
often 50 pages before you get to anything beyond ads and the table of

I am not a fan of these bailouts. It reminds me of the homeless people that
direct you to a free spot. You have to pay him or he may break into your
car. Now I doubt the CEO of Ford will break into my car, at least not this
week but my Nissan Sentra was built in the United States and I know many
"Domestic" cars are built in Mexico.

My question is this $25,000,000,000 or $83 per every American, are the
domestic car companies going to be able to do business differently? Is it
going to lead to a new era of wow, I was wrong about domestic cars. The
Prius is the iPod of cars.

On a different note, I hate, hate running on treadmills. In my version of
hell it will be loud DJ music and treadmills and people not wiping down
their Mac Hines but talking on their cell phone...
The reason I ran indoors was that I did not want to run in what I thought
was the rain. When I was done running, turns out that it became sunny. It
seems I cannot anticipate anything right now.

Went to lunch 2.0 on 3rd Street as I am doing quite a bit of

Then made way to a party for iWidgets. http://www.iwidgets.com/
Someone told me about a movie about Dennys which sounds interesting.


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