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Running and Guns

So for the most part when I go for a run, besides the distance and maybe
seeing a dog, nothing happens that is worthy of being entered into the
Greatest Blog.
Today was far different as near the end a police officers gun was drawn and
my hands were up (the gun was not aimed at me, but I figured this was a good
time not to be confusing.)

It was my first run since the USHalf. Having a few days of rest is good
following a Half Marathon. I could run in Daly City but that sucks so I
decided to go to Ocean Beach (on Saturday I am running with team in training
around the Lake)

It is a short easy run today. I run from around Java Beach to the George W
Bush Sewage Plant. On the way back I saw a guy in a wet suit chasing and
yelling at another guy. The guy getting chased picked up a large log/stick
and was backing up. They continued to yell at each other. Then one of San
Francisco's finest shows up with gun drawn and tells the guy with the log to
get down on the ground. At this point my hands are in the air as I did not
want to confuse anyone.

It seemed the guy with the log and the gun drawn on him was talking on his
cell phone and was being made fun of by the guy in the wet suit. It sort of
escalated from there. Luckily they did not need to know my opinion on the
sequence of events as I am sure all three (the guy in the wet suit, the guy
with the stick/log and the police officer) would have all gotten annoyed
with my view.


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