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Hey Rube

Part of me thinks that the 19th Century would have been fun to observe.
One of those "word of the day" things had "Hey Rube" which was A fight
between members of a circus and the general public. 2. A call to rally
circus members in a fight.
Could you imagine anything more fun to watch? I guess this was fairly common
for them to come up with a term.

Even though I am bigger than most 19th century folk, I think they would be
far scrappier and have a higher tolerance for pain so I doubt I should join
in. But a fight between the unwashed masses and the riff raft that made up a
19th century circus, wow!

In the city I saw two unusual sites. First off a tall blind woman wearing
one of those Chinese dresses (I do not know the name of this item of
clothing) with high heels. I am not sure if blind women wear heals.

The next thing was an artist with a friendly retriever who was rocking out
to Jackie Blue outside of their van on the Embarcadaro.

Was at the Urban Diversion Happy Hour but my mind was elsewhere so I split
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