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This was the best season our Wednesday team had. We finished the season with
six wins and two losses. This was going to be my last season but decided to
play next year as well.
Its more about being in the park on a Wednesday or Sunday afternoon.
We lost our game 3 to 0 but we played well. I played one inning of first
base and luckily had no collisions.

On the news, there is a general sense of anxiety and fear mixed with total
rubbish and nonsense. Worries about the financial meltdown and the election
mixed in with silly stories about celebrities and sports. I believe you can
easily, easily be overly informed and it has a negative effect on you.
People have a lot of knowledge with very little action.

Last weekend, I saw the LP for Tumblewood Connection by Elton John who
before 1980, had some really good music. So I used my credit at Amoeba to
get Tumblewood Connection, Honky Chateau and Rock of the Westies. Amazingly
on my iTunes library I had very little Elton John. I do think the William
Shatner version of Rocket Man was the best. (Look it up on You Tube)
Another good band is the Faces. I guess I am going through a 1970's phase.

For the next week, I am going to try to make it a point to focus my
attention away from the buyout, lurking financial doom etc. Bad news always
sells more papers which's gets more people seeing the advertisements. That
is the whole thing behind sports. The NFL's main goal is to sell beer and
pickup trucks. Soap Operas were set up to sell soap.


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