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A proper entry

So before the memory of this weekend goes through the grater which is the
rocks which makes you forget things, I wanted to sit down and write down
what I remember. I am sure I am going to forget something. I am going to go
in order and in no way in order of importance. (Seeing my Mom's progress was
more important that driving a Prius, looking for a computer, poor mans first
class, looking for tic tacs)

I The journey out
I drove to the South San Francisco BART Station. Made my flight but some
random was seated next to me. He was flying stand by and I was not a fan but
I gave him wisdom about searching for a job. I enjoy being an expert on
things and people writing stuff down that I say. On the TV they were showing
footage of Sarah Palin who is going to be McCain's VP. If elected she would
be in the category of hottest world leader. (I am not counting monarchies).
To be honest, I do not think that this is the wisest choice of running mate.
I guess it was some crazy strategy to attract Hillary Clinton voters but
that is like offering someone a used Ford Festiva to someone wanting a
Prius. They are both cars but not exactly. If Joe Biden had stress about the
VP debates he could go on a three day bender prior and still beat her. I
want to know her view on Evolution.

II Rental Car
O Happy Day!! I got a Prius. It took me a while to figure it out but I loved
the car. Very quiet, enough pickup. I am not in the need of a new car but if
Toyota wants to give me one to convince skeptical Bay Area drivers on the
Prius, I am your Man. I drove through the city as the beltway was backed up.

III Seeing my Mom
My Mom was doing really well compared to when I saw her in July or June or
May or April. I was thrilled.
Here is a video I took on Sunday that will give a better sense of how Mom is

IV Tic Tacs
After dinner most of the evening was spent looking for Tic Tacs. They were
many shady characters in Southern Anne Arundel County. The streets roll up
pretty early. We hit several convience stores, Safeway, Barnes and Noble. I
am sure we seemed suspicious. Met a 21 year old Tuxedo cat and a student.

V Fun with computers
My parents computer was toast. The cost of replacing exceeded or was close
to that of a new one. So Big Tom and I went to three stores to shop. At
third store, it turned out that the opposite of fred was friends with
Jefferson Airplane. They had to transfer the data from the old computer to
the new one and I had to pick up and set up. Sunday drove quite a bit.

VI The whole Foods in Annapolis did not have the Rice Paper to make the
spring rolls.

VII Air Conditioners
Removed the air conditioners that I put in May/June. Summer is over.

If you want to be driven crazy, watch these "news networks" as a storm
approaches. There was a certain sick sense of glee among the reporters.
Right away Bush and Cheney were both out of the Republican convention. The
more I found out about Sarah Palin the more I thought that the GOP had gone
into my brain and designed a candidate that I would not like. If someone
"energizes the evangelicals" that normally means that they would probably
want to teach Intelligent Design. Maybe she supports the Flying Spaghetti
Monster. I am not a Bay Area knee jerk liberal but anyone who thinks
Intelligent Design along with evolution is anti-science. With the United
States falling behind the rest of the world in Math and Science, we cannot
have anyone on the ticket of either party who entertains such nonsense.
On another note, they seemed let down with the storm losing strength.

VIII Travel on the Sunday of a three day weekend
The airport was EMPTY. I loved it. I am so going to travel on the Holiday. I
know some of my readers will disagree but I like Virgin America. I never
check bags.


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