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No iPhone

So I am not writing this on a fancy pants iPhone but rather my ancient Treo that no longer impresses the ladies. Perhaps I would be better served by learning to juggle or something else like getting sand in my eye but no iPhone. I remember walking by the NIKE store years ago and thinking how daft all those people waiting for three days for fred containers.

I did not see the hoards of those that can be described by Stuff white people like (which has jumped the shark...). I should come out with an advice blog for single women on how to meet guys. Sit in the queue of any major apple release and then start asking questions that show you know a little but need to be explained how YouTube works. Make guys think they are both clever and happening. I should write for Cosmo but we communicate through telepathy. He tells me if I should be leery.

I considered getting an iPhone so I ran to the att store in Daly City. The guy at the store was showing me the cost the long way around. They were sold out. I did see they had an application on spliting checks plus Pandora. The Pandora application is huge if the battery life is good. I wonder if I could access Sirius. Readers please figure this out!

I am having my monthly happy hour at Madrone. As my new idea involves name tags at the monthly happy hour I went to the horrible office store and I could not find anyone. I then asked a woman where the name tags were. She then asked her coworker about the location of the name tags and she pointed to her name tag. I do not like writing bad Yelp reviews but the store sucked. It was not ironic just horrible. Seems like politicians are taking my spare sock idea (which is fine). Perhaps name tags will be the new height of fashion. Maybe I will always wear name tags. Combine that with my penchant for speaking in 3rd person.

Yesterday I met a german short haired pointer named Jake. I mentioned Cosmo. Their person said they met Cosmo. This probably meant Cosmo got to National airport, got on a flight, made his connection and then got on BART, then MUNI and hung out with this dog and then turned around OR it was another dog. I like to think that it was the former and Cosmo went all the way to the Bay Area and did not call me.


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