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The time value of money and movie passes

Often I have ideas like joining the CHP or NASA but most never get past that stage. I totally forgot where this is going. O yeah, my idea I had was starting a frugality web site or group where we talk about ways to spend less. Occasionally some people will misunderstand what my interests are and send me some information about free slurpee day. I would not drink slurpees if they were free. (Imagine telling that to my 1985 version of myself). Often my readers will gather in their groups to discuss what I have done and they will make some generalization.
I do not need a fork...
This entry is being written at Juban Yakiniku House in Japantown. They are having a special.
One thing I will do is buy movie passes so I can go to the cinema and I do not have to see a matinee because I do not like walking out of a movie theater when its light out. Makes me feel like a degenerate. Same thing with watching the football on a nice day. Besides the football is going on forever and it will never be decided who has won the football.
I do not like it when it alternates between rain and nice. If I am going to watch films at the Balboa please be yucky all day.
Went to Costco to get movie passes. That is why I was in a glutten for punishment. To be honest, it was not that bad. There was a group of women from China that had in their cart shampoo, nuts, peaches and LOADS of vitamins.


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