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I hate running hills.
It was a day that I set out to do stuff and well fell short which happens
and is fine.

First off I planned on going the full 11 miles but we ran up this hill and I
was spent. Happily none of my half marathons will be running hills like
I was using bad words and threatening violence to those cars that would not
pull over and drive me to the the top. So I ran seven miles.

Came across the Team in Training. I may do it for the Nike Women's Marathon
because from what I understand the views are good.
It is not limited to women and it raises money for Cancer research
specifically curing leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma which I am somewhat
interested in

I am an easy mark and gave them $40. I knew this was not the day to walk
into the animal shelter as Sasha would be annoyed.

Talked to the guy at Jacks about his upcoming sale. I need to take my shirts
to the cleaners.

(This becomes a rather mundane entry)

I then made my way to 1) get the Marcusmobile cleaned at one of those
fundraisers. There was a bunch of sap on the car and they told me I needed
to get some specific product to remove it.
My next exciting step in the day came going to the auto parts store where I
got a new windshield wiper and that stuff.

Was at Cafe Gratitude and it turns out that the place was started based on a
board game. One thing led to another.
Had vegan/raw Nachos.

Saw they were having Mexican Wrestling across the street. I thought that if
I had my mask and for some reason they were short a *wrestler I would end up
being a Lucha libre!
Then they would find out that I speak not much Spanish.

Got my haircut near the 12 Galaxies.



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