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Middle seat no more

This entry is being written in the exit aisle of a flight from National to Larry Craig. What makes me most initially anxious about flying is not the peril of being 40000 ft in the air going 500 mph. What bugs me is the thought of being wedged into a seat with two members of the general public. I will admit that I scan the area before boarding and I think, I want to sit next to her. It would be even better if she was delivering either bushels of blue crabs or standard poodles to Crown Colony and could drop me off.

At the airport some random bloke complemented my shirt (one fish, two fish etc...) You will be happy to know that it is freshly washed thanks to Andrea so if you see me at sfo in the same shirt, it is clean and you do not have to approach me like the porta potties at the end of the Haight street festival. Speaking of which it is this weekend so parking is going to suck. I may drive to BART and the MUNI to kickball and the festival. I would not mind running into some of the same characters that I ran into last year. Actually one. When I actually got on the plane the guy was in my seat with his wife and kids. I then said for him to stay with his kids. I then sat in the seat but this woman who Marcus is not a fan of insisted on the aisle seat so for a short time I sat between these two women. Neither of which were selected prior to boarding and did not earn a chance of chat up time based on the happily short time we spent together. This woman who was selected is standing in front of me
waiting to use the wc. Based on my quick thinking I got into an emergancy exit aisle by myself so my kindness did pay off.

I still wish I could sleep on airplanes. Cosmo was leary of the jetski but then he made peace with it and then slept on the dock.
It cost $100 per year to get the fast pass to bypass security or go through a shorter security line. I may do it not because I am much of a traveler but rather I want to bring it up at cocktail parties and go on about my time value of money. Then I would travel with others without the card and I would be able to get to the airport bar before they would. I just like bypassing queues. I would wear large sunglasses and perhaps an open shirt with some sort of gold chain.

If I fly five times per year it works out to $10 to be in a shorter line. And all of the status points. When people discuss me they will say, "You know Marcus, the guy who bypasses the queue at the security at the airport and he also needlessly inserts British phrases in sentences that do not require it"

We installed a fourth air conditionor in the middle bedroom. I do not know why the accordian sides do not stretch out further. Seems like an easier way to not annoy your customers. I would not recommend a combination of multiple bottles of belgium style ale and ac installation. One bottle is fine.

I always hate the bit of a flight that they make you turn off your iPod. Luckily I got an issue of Psychology Today. Rumors is a great album. I had my ear buds on wrong and was sharing Patton Oswalt with the plane. Too bad it was not Dolemite. I think a biopic of fleetwood mac would be good.

Reading this entry has a huge bit missing. I will admit that. Sometimes my blog is for me to remember (we were parked on level 2), to keep family and friends updated, to entertain and for a bit of folly. The short bit will not be forgotten, they are for the most part informed and I could not imagine sharing with randoms. If you want more details about my trip feel free to contact me directly. I am thankful I was able to make this trip. I will say that It was a bit odd to hear what was going on with Teddy Kennedys treatment plan where we were. I guess eventually the news will somehow relate to your life.

Last night we were watching this stress and anxiety laden program about gas prices. Some guy wrote a silly song about "pain at the pump" and "wallet is in a slump".

I think it has a lot to do with well after 9 11 way too many Americans were buying way too many large cars. I have a small car and I am keeping it as long as possible.

Here is a question. They put an environment on the moon. You are in charge of the weather. The catch is you can only have one setting. What would you choose?


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