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In Churchton

I could not have asked for more on my flight as I was in a row by myself
from SFO to Minnesota.
Then from Minnesota to DC the middle seat was empty.
I did see a guy in the Minnesota airport walking around with a gerbil in a
cage. Considering the whole Larry Craig thing, I was suspicious but I am
sure it was legit.

Went to the Food Lion in Upper Marlboro to buy Ben Gay as I plan on going
running in Churchton.
Someone was writing a check and they did not look like a pensioner but in
these modern times..

Ended up going a long four miles. I was totally and completely drained. Its
amazing what running in slightly higher temperature, sans music, worrying
about cars, no attractive women or cute dogs to be seen. That made running
on a tread mill a sensible alternative. Just over 4 miles to put me at 83
miles for May or just over 410 miles for 2008. In June I need to run around
89 miles. I am sure this narrative is very interesting to each and every one
of you.

I stopped off a the True Value in Deale but they did not have a beverage for
less than a dollar. Then went to the IGA where I got an Iced Tea. I am quite
sure that my Tuesday run will be stellar because this was total crap. My
legs will have a great effortless stride. Today I felt like I was in
molasses mixed with Malaria. (I honestly have as much knowledge of Malaria
as I do Heroin but it sounded good and kind of dramatic. Note when I use
examples, often I have no idea if it makes logical sense...) I do know the
medication you need to take for malaria makes you hallucinate. I am pretty
sure I do not want to go to a malaria area. But I do want to ride around on
an elephant. They are cool animals.

I did see a turtle crossing the road. I turned him around as I am sure he
would be hit by a car. He was probably annoyed and saw me as a judgemental
busy body/


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