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For the most part, I live a fairly spartan life. I live in a modest condo
that is not the model for Melrose Place. I drive an older car. In fact I
think the rise in gas prices is saving me thousands of dollars per year.
First off I am driving way less than I was and taking way more public
transit. This leads to less mileage, which leads to more life on the
Marcusmobile that we first met when I was a young lad of 26.
Even if I was to get a basic car it would cost $15,000.
I do not dine at Donnie Darko or drop a Benjamin at the T I P on an S A T U
R D A Y Night.
What I do spend money on is getting produce delivered. Today it was kind of
a pain in the ass as I thought I had canceled my order as I will be going to
Maryland to cheat on the Daly City farmers market and the Union Street
Festival and the fact that I cannot read calendars. I like Holidays that do
not move/confuse.
So I go down to the ferry building and get a call from the driver telling me
that the produce is being delivered. As Mary has moved onto the great gig in
the sky she could not work it out so I had him put it on the top of my
storage bin which is full of failed hobbies.
Had a nice time drinking a milkshake (I am glad no one came around trying to
drink it with a long straw!) at the Ferry Building. Being a good listener is
a good quality.

The coupons changed on the west coast. I am giving my Dad my quarterly $5
off a $50 purchase because I mostly buy either kickball beer OR cat stuff at
Safeway as their food is of flyover state quality. Lots of Hydroganated Oils
and High Frucose Corn Syrup.
You would be surprised that if your smart, your not spending way more at
Whole Foods or Trader Joes and definately at the Farmers Market. I saw
Lucky's is having a laughable ad campaign about an indoor farmers market.


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