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Potato Motivation VHS Tapes Pleats

This is what went down on Saturday.
I got up and did not need a weatherman to tell me that it was raining. As
you know I am made of sugar and will melt if I run in the rain so I decided
to put off running or the worst of all possible worlds (definitely not
Hannah Montana!!) running inside.
I find running on a treadmill inside to be very boring.

I went through and got rid of a load of trousers that were too big or that
would get me in trouble with the fashion police. I like giving things away.
I placed an ad for free stuff on Craigslist but did not want to sit around
my apartment waiting for some scavangers to show up so I took the games to
Game Crazy and the VCR/Coffee Mac Hine/trousers to the Good Will truck and
then went to the farmers market.
Got strawberries and randberries and some bread. Late in the day is the time
to hit for better prices at the farmers market.

Drove to Ocean Beach and between a sore hamstring, a cold and bad weather my
motivation was low but I was able to get four miles in and I felt better

Had coffee with Aimee who told me the story of a potato being tossed onto
her lap on a bus. I called Wendy's and it turns out that they do not have
Wendy's logos on the wrapper.
To keep up I told a story of stolen biscuits

She also told crazy stories about her feet but I could not top it.

Went to Nordstroms Rack in Soma and got two shirts and some fred containers.

Drove out to the capitol of hip-dom, fishermans wharf, where you see loads
of grown men wearing sport jerseys. I was reading random stuff at Barnes and
Noble then went to Fiddlers which had one of the best ratios of any Urban
Diversion event I went to. I was called out for being a wimp and not running
in a run.
Sat at by Aquatic Park and drank some wine


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