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Marcus is having a party....

I am having a party. You are more than welcome to attend but I am not
actually inviting you.
The party is for those that live in my building and my motivation is to
provide motivation for me to clean my apartment and reduce clutter. Going to
get rid of a load of stuff.

So I will have the citizens come over bearing food as I will be opening some
bottles of wine. Maybe I should hire a wine server and rent out a cotton
candy mac hine.

This is a much different crowd than my normal but if you want to build more
community, start with yourself.

Ran into Jennifer from the volleyball team and she let me know that one of
the teammates had a bit of an accident. Puts things in perspective. Right
now with all that is going on, we have all the perspective needed. Jennifer
is going to Africa so she will not be playing volleyball.

In the morning I decided to make today a rest day for the Marcusmobile so I
walked to the front. The shuttle was not around so I walked to the South San
Francisco BART station. I picked up an Examiner because I finished 4239th in
my race (out of 25,000). That means that if I am at a baseball game and
suddenly the crowd of the baseball game is chased by an army of Hot Lava Men
and they got 79% I would be safe. They had an article about Duffy who can
get on the bus. They compared her to Kate Nash. I should go to London and
become a player in the music industry.

As I am toiling from home I got a land line and if you are ever lonesome get
a landline as you will be called by ever half wit with money problems. I do
not want a Newspaper.

In the morning I went to Starbucks and I saw a small bird sitting on table.
Then I saw a woman with really pretty hair. Considered chatting her up but
there were too many people around the area where you put crap in your


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