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On the wrong page...

Have you ever had one of those days that you were always at least two steps
First off I get tickets to visit Maryland but I get for the wrong
non-Memorial Day Weekend. Andrea said that was OK as the planes would be
full of people with inflatable rafts and such.

Then I went to run in the race for the Artic but I realized my fear (which
in reality was not a big deal) of missing the starting gun. So in its place,
I ran with my Half Marathon training program which was right in the area.

For the month of April I think I was running too fast as my legs were
hurting so I slowed down a bit (by about twenty seconds). Found the right
pace group and it reminded me of the Parkdale/Friendly/Oxon Hill race from

Afterwards I hit up the Norway day festival at Fort Mason but when I was
there they were not having the AuPair 10 year reunion.

Was able to put a bear head on and I talked to people about Loki. My next
trip to Norway will not be in December.

Had a number of options for the TIP on S A T U R D A Y night but I chose the
one closest to BART. Was considering getting my drink on as I did not have a
run scheduled. I was going to have my party hat on until 1 AM! (the last
train out is at 1:05 AM)

As there is a strong connection between strong drink and lost phones, I
thought I would leave my cell phone at home.

Found an economist that copied my thoughts on the "gas tax holiday". I would
support a federal lottery.

Was not able to meet up with the people so I went on home.


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