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Going forward I want to reduce the amount of driving that I do for two
obvious reasons, 1) the price of petrol and 2) want to put off getting
a new Marcusmobile as long as possible as that is one of the worst
things to spend your bread on.
I will be getting either a bicycle lock OR a locker at SSF so I can
ride a bicycle which will keep my car off the road when I take BART.

This morning I took the shuttle and as hope springs eternal I hope
that well a female reader of the Stuff White People Like Blog that
drives a VW with a dog, long curly hair, shops at the farmers market,
9:40 pace miler moved into the complex but alas Clown Colony is not
the center of the hipster Universe (i do not think I am a hipster....).

Here is the most shocking part of the day. I sit down and this woman
sits down next to me. She then decides its personal grooming time and
starts clipping her nails with the clipped nails falling onto her
trousers and then onto the seats and then the ground. I glared at this
person who did not understand that we were not on a camping trip. She
did not get the hint. I had a bit of "Spirit of the Staircase". BART
needs constant videos of what is not considered acceptable behavior. I
would be willing to make that video.

Went to an Ad Agency for lunch on 111 Sutter street on the 11th Floor.
Or it was a PR Agency. I am not sure of the distance. I am not very
bright in some areas. Many of the women could have opened up their
hipster high end cupcake joint. I think you could buy them from
Safeway but then have fancy displays and cute women with cool graphics
and then you can charge $3 in either Washington DC or San Francisco.

At the end of toiling I went to Whole Foods. Considered buying a loaf
of bread as I was not driving. Got some Salmon.

In front of the Metreon I was stopped to take a survey. The woman
taking the survey seemed pretty cute with a raspy voice (ie Bonnie
Tyler). She asked some demographics and based on the answers asked If
I needed a personal assistant (I do not, I do not want an entourage of
any sort beyond Sasha).

The Clown Colony shuttle takes a while and I am quite sure we are not
taking the most efficient way. Will need to measure it all off.

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