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the pov of readers

Sometimes, but not often, well to be almost rarely, I think about my
audience of the Greatest Blog. How they go about their sophisticated lives
and then take the time to read my thoughts on the world. Then they go to
Bourgeois salons where they discuss what I wrote. I imagine many of them
have pet tortoises that they lead on a leash as they walk around Paris.
Or they are down on their luck on skid row reading month old print outs over
the garbage can. Maybe one of the leaders of these urban campers will write
"fan fiction" of my blog where I find a farmers market and then someone
gives me a parking ticket but it gets over turned! I must be a hero as I
have not gotten a parking ticket since 2003.

It just occurred to me today that I live closer to the farmers market than
the supermarket. For the most part I am avoiding those tentacles of the
industrial food chain when I can in favor of farmers markets (but I do like
Trader Joes and Whole Foods which can be just as industrial.) Can you get
Coke in Traders Joes? In Whole Foods? In my effort to rid myself of
hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup led me to these other

Can you have Buddhism without Reincarnation?

Went for a run in the Presidio. The first couple of miles I felt like I had
a combination of cement fred containers and Play Doh but after I went back
to the Marcusmobile I was able to run much better the second half.

So I have given my readership some assignments. So if they are discussing
these questions in their salons or over a trash can with fire or when they
are jumping freight trains they shall return with interesting ideas.


Marcus Ronaldi

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