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Arizona Easter Bunny

A goal when I get up each morning is to have a witty headline when I write
my blog entry in the evening.
One problem is that I may forget about the headline and leave out the
motivation for the subject line in the entry.

This happened yesterday when I went on about the enforcement of the rules. I
have been taking BART quite a bit yesterday and I cannot shout at EVERYONE
because some people may get confused and think I am the person disturbing
the peace. When I got on the BART last night an attractive woman was having
a Pizza Party. I allowed her to eat in peace. Luckily my friend from Friday
did not see my lack of enforcement.

Perhaps they should have plastic seats and floors and then simply have them
auto-washed each night.
Maybe they should have a dining car.

OK that explains yesterdays subject.

Went into the San Francisco office again but left my bag of produce and did
not want to be forced to forage for food and end up eating an Easter Bunny
cookie from Starbucks. Luckily we have a whole foods around the corner so I
got some apples (that were on sale) and a bag of carrots plus some oatmeal
and peanut butter. I am NOT going to spend $3 for a bowl of oatmeal because
last I checked, I did not fall off a turnip truck.

One of my fellow toilers told me a story how her dog cornered the Easter
Bunny or the giant bunny from the Flaming Lips shows.

This story got me thinking about the origin of the Easter Bunny and what the
connection between the Easter Story in the Bible.

I ran from the Ferry Building to Crissy Fields and back. It was around 8
miles. I am up to 872 total miles. So far in 2008 I have ran 222 miles and
have another 778 miles to go.

Here is an article about people becoming farmers


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