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For the first time in September of 2006 my toiling brought me to San
Francisco more by choice.
My ideal toil spot would be in the Marina with a big silly dog.

I took BART to the Daly City Station and I kept on thinking that I screwed
up the parking spot number or left my lights on.

Was the first person at toiling.

Had a view of the concrete jungle that is south of market with the Bay
Bridge in the Background.

For lunch I went to Chaat Cafe and they are FAST. Really fast. I was in and
out even with the stupid lady in front of me.
Getting annoyed frustrated angry does not make other people smarter.

In my mind I thought of finishing Bay to Breakers in under an hour but that
is on the same channel as always being smooth and debonair.

As I was downtown and had some time to kill I decided to get a $9 haircut on
Ross Alley.
At the end of the haircut he told me it was $17! Now I am really torn. Am I
price sensitive? Loyal?
Will need to make a decision on that aspect of my life.

I find those guys with those giant backpacks on bars/buses anywhere
annoying. I had a backpack and as it did not have a Star Wars Style rocket
launcher I was careful to keep it out of the way.

Met the UD crowd at Harry's Bar on Fillmore and the waitress was well not
motivating to buy $3.25 bottles of budweiser.
Was considering having cheeseburger but did not want to ask about the
conditions of the beef.

Got on Muni and got motion sick. Not actually sick but well below par.

My Bart card was demagnitized so I had to get vouchers for my next BART


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