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After toiling I went to the Marina to run (I HATE running in my hood)

The readers that give me the weather report in Maryland (I am hoping for a
bit of ice melting for tomorrow) would be made of wood, but I did see LOADS
of really cute dogs. In the interest of making dogs more social I need to
stop to inspect.
The first dog I stopped for was a Labradoodle Puppy. Very cute, but they are
MANY dogs in shelters.

Saw a standard poodle across the street. Was going to dart across the street
to tell them about Noel but I was not near a cross walk and I do not want to
get hit by a car.

A comment from one of the other dogs I stopped for made my day. She said
that her dog (Pele) rarely goes up to people. Maybe 5% of the population.
Dogs love me, except if they live in my complex and they are stupid.
Saw a Great Pyranes and a Newfoundland. If I was a dog, I would be a

The Marina/Chestnut/Union Street is full of items from "Stuff White People

I stopped off at the Apple Store before going to the Happy Hour for Kickball
(Coed Sports). I should have ordered a microbrew and an expensive sandwich.

So as you know, I am not drinking and when I go to a drinking function I
have to explain. They then ask if its a religious thing. It is not. It is
for health and economics.

This comes up with my need which is an "allergy" to shitty beer (anything
advertised on Pro Sports such as Coors or Budweiser or Miller). I want to be
able to say that I can only drink Chimay because it is made from or does not
have an ingredient or process. If you can think of this please let me know.

Went to Starbucks as I wanted to use the last of my gift card to lighten my

While I was waiting for the coffee to cool down I logged onto Facebook via
my Treo. I made a comment on Michaela Doriss's wall. Then it turned out I
was her spot of toil.

Went back to the Bus Stop. I will be playing kickball on Wednesday and
Sunday. Volleyball on Thursday. Running on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday
(before Volleyball)


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