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Lunar Eclipse, Library Books

While still in short pants in the pod system of Marlton Elementary I had
quickly figured that adults despite their heights were not beyond error...
I had borrowed a book from the Library about a Band that a member of one of
my favorite Bands (Wings) had been a member before I was born and broke up
the band.

I returned the library book on time.

Then the librarian came round and gave notice the book was past due. I told
her that I had returned the item and her inventory methods were clearly at
fault. This process would repeat itself and more and more people would get
involved. (My parents, the principal, other teachers). Most of them were
convinced that I had hidden the book.

They would pull me away from my lessons (I knew more about Astronomy than my
teachers so it was not much of a loss) to discuss my role in the collapse of
the library system.

Near the end of year the librarian came in to inform that she had found the
book and it had been returned but simply misplaced. Nearly not as many
people were involved in the apology.

Based on this, why do I like Librarians or more so, the "idea" of the
librarians with their dark rimmed glasses?
(the ones in reality are not as attractive, more frumpy...)

Fast forward almost 30 years later, I check out the library website and I
see that I have a passed due library book!!
Another Library book is also shown out but I remember that I had returned
it. Marcus does not do past due library.

I remembered going to the library to return the items.

Went to the Daly City Library ready for Round II. They gave me the phone
number for the South San Francisco Library and I called them and they found
one of the two books. I should have told them the last time they lost a
library book but it was not 7 PM and I had to pay for the minutes.

I got a gift card from my parents but sadly my $25 off a $100 purchase had
just expired and it would be hard to justify a purchase knowing coupons
Found a couple size 12 Fred Containers but with the $25 off $100 AND the
gift card. I would be set.

Saw the eclipse of the Moon on the way into work. I thought of taking a
picture but unlike Emily all lunar pictures look stupid.
Was able to tell people to "turn around", i pretended they were dogs.

Went to Space Gallery where I saw Ray and Keith for a "launch party" but it
is not March 1st and it is far less interesting if I go through the whole
two months. They did have Chimay.


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