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Yesterday after toiling I went for a run on the Sawyer Camp trail

It started raining and I had to stop a bit but six miles is six miles. My
head felt clear.

Made my way onto Clement to score a table for the pub quiz at the Bitter
End. In order to get a table you need someone to colonize. For dumb reason I
showed up at 6:45 and picked a table all the way up the top. I am guessing
you can still score a table. I must have hit my head or someone slipped me
something in my water as I was not able to answer who was the author of Don
Quixote. Ivana's friend told some amazing stories. It was probably all made
up but I do not mind.

We had discussions of "criteria".

We did good on the music round (Curtis Mayfield) but the rest we were well
near the back of the pack.
It was fun though..

I walked Katie, or should I say Katie walked me to the Marcusmobile. At
first I could not see the Marcusmobile. I did not remember parking so far
away. I was cold because I was daft and had no coat. Katie had stolen Annie
Hall's hat. When I placed it on my head (during the pub quiz) it looked like
an M&M on the top of a cupcake but happily Katie's head is smaller because
she would look odd with a large head. People would describe her as, "Katie,
you know the woman with the large head, wears small hats, M&M on a
I was getting kind of concerned as I did not see the Marcusmobile and we
were well near the mid Richmond. I imagined the gang that stole the Ford
Pinto had regrouped and had come cross country to steal the Marcusmobile.
Luckily we found it on the walk back so I was not thrust into the market for


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