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Post race hamburger at Zeitgest.

Right now I am at the back porch area of Zeitgest waiting for my perfect Hamburger. In the last few months I have learned how a relative "dive" can create a far superior hamburger compared to that place in Washington DC near the water with their offensive vegetables. It is simply the feed of the beef. Grass fed cows create far superior hamburgers than thosed raised in the hell that is an industrial farm.

Amazingly I am spending the same amount on this heavenly hamburger as I did on the "meal" that is currently wrap in foil on my porch as some sort of sick experiment that I purchased yesterday (which I will blog about later....)
Woke up early and made my way to Golden Gate Park for some race which was mostly people that were associated with USF. I wanted to beat at least one student athelete. These youngsters predicabily ran out fast and with my planned pace I caught up with some. Made me think of the Moorer Foreman fight when an ancient ex Champion knocked out a more skilled but less wise undefeated heavyweight champ.

I do not shift in a faster gear but at the end some people were going to try and pass me which I thought was a bit rude and not acceptable so I ran a bit faster than normal for the last bit so I could beat those fools into the chute.
Made friends with some dogs including Buddha.
As you know my goal for the year is to run 1000 miles in 2008. I am guessing it is the same I ran from 1996 to 2006 combined. Besides the obvious of keeping me away from street gangs and higher level of fitness I need a different answer to the obvious question of "why" and I have it: Parkensons. I do not have spell check on my phone so I hope it is spelled correctly. Not only to raise money but also awareness. Last year I raised $600 so I need to think of a new goal. Perhaps I could enlist the help of Billy Chrystal and Ali.

I am happy that both McCain and either Hillary and Barack are both more scientifically focused than George W Bush. I am also happy that Huckabee and Romney went over like a pair of lead balloons in all but the flyover states. I would like to ask Huckabee supporters what type of dinosours were used in farming by man from 5500 years ago. I would like to visit the creation science musuem in Kentucky.

My Zeitgest Hamburger was of course, sublime. I ate it as slowly possible using the counter on the iPod.

Later today I am making my way to Chestnut street and sports basement to use coupons and buy fred containers. Maybe get a small piece of dark chocalate, licorice and blueberries.


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