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Perhaps I should go to LA and FINALLY after years of trying get a role in a
Bollywood movie...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: SAAFA <info@saafa.org>
Date: Feb 4, 2008 11:01 PM
Subject: Reality Show + Audition in LA- One Guy and One Gal Will Be Selected
For A Bollywood Movie Role
To: Marcus Ronaldi <marcus@marcusronaldi.com>

Hi Folks,

Mark your calendars.

Next Saturday, Feb 17th, in the beautiful city of Hollywood, CA, SAAFA
and RK Promotions present,

A reality audition show which will culminate in one male and one female
supporting role being awarded, to that lucky guy and gal.

MORE SPECIFICS: Ever thought you wanted to be a part of Bollywood, but
did not want to risk making that trip to Mumbai, well chill...cause
Mumbai is coming to you, in LA.

THE MOVIE: BLOOD MONEY, which will mark the feature script debut of
SAAFA co founder, Vivek Kumar

THE PRINCIPAL CAST OF 6: Sorry, that is already allotted to top notch
actors from Mumbai

SUPPORTING CAST: The movie will be filmed in
LA/Toronto/NYC/Mumbai/Africa/Middle East/Thailand and we will be
selecting supporting cast (mind you it is not extras, these are
supporting roles) from these cities. We start with LA.

THE PROCESS: Truly Democratic. Each participant will get their own
scene (a max of two minutes) and enact it in front of the audience and
a panel of 3 JUDGES (people from the industry) and the audience will
then vote for the best male and best female. The female and male, can
be any age, as long as they are over the age of 18 and under the age of
101, actually 101 will also do.

THE VOTING: The votes cast by the audience will be given to the judges,
who will then determine the best, based on their own voting and the
voting of the audience members.

THE MOVIE: A regular Bollywood movie, yet not quite Bollywood, but to
be in English and to be for the audience in India (along with the
US/Canada/UK, etc and also having non lip synched songs, et all)

TTHE GENRE: A dramatic thriller

THE CATCH: When we say 2 mts, we mean 2 mts, every time a participant
goes over 2 mts, they lose one point automatically, per 30 seconds over
2 mts.

THE PRIZE: A role in BLOOD MONEY, to be awarded, there and then (with
filming details to follow).

WHEN: Sat, Feb 17th, 2008 from 7 pm onwards

WHERE: Facade, Hollywood, CA, from 7 pm onwards and followed by a party
from 10pm on, by our presenting partners, RK PROMOTIONS.

MORE DETAILS: http://www.rkpromotions.com/event.php?id=22943

TO RSVP FOR AUDITION: vivek@saafa.org or poojab@saafa.org

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For further information contact
South Asian American Films and Arts Association
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Email: info@saafa.orghttp://www.saafa.org

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