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Kaiser Half Marathon report

First off I did not sleep well last night. It sounded like all of the
Zombies, Skeletons and Ghosts that live within a square mile of my place
were getting ready for the Super Bowl. It was like Edgar Allen Poe had
control of the weather channel.
Actually used the alarm as I did not want to have to stress about parking.

The forecast was for rain so I had more gear than normal.

Parked at 36th and Fulton and walked up as I did not want to walk to where
the shuttles are picking up as I did not know the score.

Stood around and the weather could not make up its mind. Even before the
race it was nice and then not so nice and rainy. I was glad I had nicer rain
gear than a plastic bag. Those people look poor.

The race itself was good. I had JELLY before opposite of fred and then at
the 4.5 mile mark and the 9 mile mark. My pace was really important and I
only stopped to get my legs for a couple of minutes. I ran the clock on the
iPod the whole time so two hours and twenty six minutes reflects the time
from the cross of the start to the finish. The race was actually well longer
than a half marathon. I will need to teach Kaiser division.

The rain was not bad until we got to the great highway and it was a cold
rain and wind I was going against for a couple of miles.

Got a medal and I did not even blow up the Death Star. I wonder where Han
and Luke kept their Medal. Also why did Biggs and Chewbacca not get a medal
in Episode IV and did Lando get one in ROTJ?

I called someone a bad name in the shoot for darting past me but in the
scheme of things it does not matter.

Was happy with my time considering I ran the half marathon I did the 5K last


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